We know you have many questions about Grace Professional Homecare (GPH) and whether we are the right in-home care company for you. We have been in Mississippi since 2013 and we have assisted many elderly throughout the state. We are a Mississippi company. We are a Christian family owned business dedicated to you.

Q) What makes Grace Professional Homecare different from other companies?

  1. We provide senior care at the highest level. YOU come first.
  2. Grace Professional is a name in which we believe. We treat our clients with Grace. Our seniors have earned this time in their lives when there are to be treated with dignity.
  3. While we are a "non-medical" company, we understand that our clients often have complex medical conditions. We specialize in providing state-of-the-art non-medical services to these people. We partner with our clients, their families, registered nurses, and other medical professionals to ensure that we have a proactive, personalized Care Plan that will optimize their independence, health and well-being. This is called continuum of care and is the right thing to do.

Q) Who is Grace Professional Homecare?

A) GPH is a non-medical in-home care company that works with you, your family and health care providers.  Our goal is to keep you comfortable in your own home by assisting you with your Activities of Daily Living. 


Q) What are the advantages of using GPH over other in-home care companies?

A) We carefully screen, select, hire and train our Caregivers so that we can provide you with the best service that you deserve.  GPH is also the only non-medical in-home care company that provides a monthly nurse visit to monitor the status of your health.  This allows us to closely communicate any concerns with your physician, home health agency and/or Medicare provider.  The nurse visit is provided at absolutely no cost to you, and we do this because we want to insure that you receive the proper care that you deserve. 


Q) Do you provide services to those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities?

A) Yes, although it will depend on that facility's regulations.


Q) Who pays the caregivers?

A) Your caretaker is employed by Grace Professional Homecare as a W-2 employee, which is the law as of now. We take care of billing, payroll, taxes, worker's compensation, insurance bond, and other benefits for your caregiver.

Q) What type of Caregiver services does GPH provide?

A) GPH Caregivers will assist you with your regular                Activities of Daily Living.  This includes meal preparation, bathing and hygiene, light housekeeping, laundry, medication management and transportation. 


Q)  What does GPH charge?

A)  The cost of our Caregiver service is determined by the current market rate. Generally this is a flat rate with GPH and in the long run the cost is less and we provide a monthly nurse visit to you for free.


Q)  Will I be required to sign a contract with GPH?

A)  Yes, you will enter into a Caregiver Service Agreement with GPH, which will assign us as your service provider.


Q) How do you select caregivers?

A) There are three steps to our process of selecting the best caregivers:

  1. We look for persons with the drive and need to help seniors to live an independent life.
  2. We interview caregivers who are trained professionals, usually CNA's. Interviews are conducted in depth to determine if the applicant is a team player who possesses strong work ethic and commitment.
  3. All caregivers are subjected to background checks covering criminal and national driving records in addition to being required to give on-demand drug screenings.