Gigi Sinyard, Managing Partner

Gigi Sinyard is one of the managing partners of VetAttend & Grace Professional Homecare. Gigi received her BS in Accounting from the University of Southern Mississippi. She returned to her home state after her husband retired from the US Navy.  Gigi is active in her community and church.

Gigi began working with the elderly and really enjoyed it. She and her husband work every aspect of the home care business. We visit all families, manage our employees, and even help in the homes as needed.  We treat our clients and employees as part of the family. Being able to help our wonderful clients stay in their homes as long as possible is a major part of our business.


Jay Sinyard, Managing Partner

Jay Sinyard is a retired U.S. Navy veteran. He spent 15 of 20 years at sea. He returned back to Mississippi by God’s grace. He has always been a caring person. Jay was always looking for a way to return back to his community. He has been a leader in the Boy Scouts for over 15 years but wanted to give more. His Core Values come from serving his country.

Jay found out what his calling was when visiting the elderly. His calling is to take care of them and in that he found a way to also give family members much needed sense of relief. The caregivers at Grace Professional make a great team. How is that? Caregivers have an open door policy. Also, Jay has personally substituted himself in when needed for his caregivers. He believes in understanding what the elderly need and this helps him see how to improve his special brand of caring. When a patient or client calls the office they often talk to him or his wife (Partner). Often he is called after hours and this is the way he loves doing business.

If there is a way to help solve a problem he willingly does it with no question. This is what makes Grace Professional Homecare different from many other companies.